Brave Gets in the Ring With Wrestler

A new year, new office and a new office-mate, we’ve got in the ring with Wrestler and are now sharing a rather stylish tea and coffee station.

Since our humble garage days, we’ve launched headfirst into the new space (and the conveniently located Ponsonby central Friday lunch spots).

A few of us are now sporting fresh new fades from Boar and Blade, new kicks from around the hood and bringing small plants encased in small fishbowls into the office. We are now in Ponsonby after all and why not embrace it?

Complete with photography studio and a glass-box meeting room/naughty corner, you could say we’re feeling pretty at home. We’ve already popped our name on all the windows so it’s clear we won’t be going anywhere for a while.

Combining forces with Wrestler means we have the capacity to work closer and better with our video-making buddies too, because they’re literally a chair-rolling distance away from us.

However, we’re quickly learning that if you stick too many creatives in one room, there’s bound to be a few arguments over music and how long to brew the organic loose leaf tea. Like all the best duos, we assume it will only make us stronger. Which is not how Brendon likes his tea turns out.