Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Music for everyone

The 2019 Season for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra needed to reflect the CSO’s essence of "Music for everyone". The orchestra's move back to the central city, after 7 years away since the Canterbury earthquakes, allows the orchestra to have a more integrated connection with the city again. It was vital that the move to the Christchurch Town Hall felt open, accessible and approachable. To everyone.

The idea came out of this which made the orchestra feel ubiquitous, part of our everyday. Rather than something that is exclusive and only for the select few.

Placing the orchestra in everyday, very normal scenarios which can also help to highlight the broad range of people that the orchestra and the music want to appeal to. 

With the help of our friend and incredibly talented photographer Steven Boniface, this campaign is a stunning portrayal of just how fun, inclusive and willing to do anything we ask of them - like being stuck in a shopping trolley for an afternoon while playing the trombone!

CSO you rock. Music is for everyone.