Mountain Jade

A Full Jade Experience

Since working on Mountain Jade's initial rebrand and web design project, we have become the creative arm of their business. When an exciting new opportunity came to them to open a store at the Auckland International Airport, they approached us to do the design and create the customer journey in this space. 

As their other stores have a Jade carving studio, we wanted to emulate this experience through interactive displays that prompted the discovery of the stone. With sections explaining the art of craft, the types of jade and the symbols that they carve. 

With a new and engaging store, we needed to have a rethink on their packaging as well, ensuring it met the same high quality and sustainable vision they have for their product lines. Using a mixture of recycled materials, we endeavored to take this journey of discovery further, creating momentos that the customer wanted to keep that explained who carved the piece and what the design means.

However our favourite creation with this new packaging was the courier bags. Using a supplier that creates a waterproof, 100% sustainable, recyclable and photodegradable paper out of limestone, we couldn't have dreamt a better partner if we had tried. This supplier meant that Mountain Jade could ship their stones around the world, within a bag that too was made of stone, with no adverse effects on the environment.