The rise in popularity of craft spirits in New Zealand has led to a revolution in mixers.

The market was craving something to impress discerning drinkers with sophisticated flavour profiles.

Our brief was to tackle this challenge within the confines of the nations grocery channel which was a strong hold of international brands like Schweppes and value based home-brands. This left a gap in the market for a local, premium brand at an affordable price; one with a bit of magic in it. 

This gave us reason and purpose to create Alchemy & Tonic.

Alchemy & Tonic is all about utilising the elements and a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, and combinations. Uniquely low in calories, the Alchemy & Tonic mixer range is made from natural ingredients infused with magical flavour combinations such as Kawakawa, Horopito, Thyme and Cassia - magic in every sip.

"We achieved our three month target within the first month of launch as the product moved straight off the shelves due to disruptive packaging."

Kate Smith
Chief Marketing Officer, Premium Liquor




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