Sundown Gin had a mission to fill a serious gap in the market for a pre-mix that wasn’t packed full of sugar and preservatives.

They came to us to create their branding and essence, with the concept of a natural product that had a more sophisticated target demo than you’re average RTD drinker.

As a core element of this project was about the 100% natural and locally sourced ingredients, we knew that the brand had to embody freshness, in a refined and concise way. We incorporated illustrations with the bright, pastel colour palette, that depicted the natural elements that made up the flavours of the drinks, alongside some iconic New Zealand flora and fauna. 

The concept we wanted to work with to form the brand identity was this idea of escaping and freedom. Sundown is refreshing, delicious and can make any spot feel a little more like a kiwi beach in summer. The brand identity therefore needed to reflect and embody this easy going and relaxed persona.